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jewsign Hague not to investigate sale of Serb organs

Hague not to investigate sale of Serb organs
May 19, 2008

Hague will not investigate Albanians for trafficking in organs of Serbs because the amount of evidence that the prosecutors office has is insufficient to get a conviction.

ICTY Spokeswoman told the Serbian media that the Prosecution's Office has received requests to investigate but the outgoing strategy of the Tribunal prohibits the initiation of new investigations.

Former chief prosecutor wrote in her her new book that Albanians transferred captured Kosovo Serbs to Albania where they killed them in order to sell their organs.

Hague Spokeswoman said that the Tribunal previously did investigate the matter and found insufficient proof.

The spokesperson Olga Kavran said that the office will release all information it possesses on Muslim Albanian organ traffic of Kosovo Serbs.

"The Prosecution, in accordance with the exit strategy regulated by the UN SC, cannot conduct new investigations since the end of 2004," Kavran told Tanjug.

Kavran explained that the Prosecution had earlier conducted a preliminary investigation regarding the information on abduction of people in Kosovo, who were taken to Albania, where their organs were extracted, but that "they didn't have enough evidence at the time that would justify the further work of the ICTY on that, and in connection with its jurisdiction."

Kavran said that the Prosecution would offer information to individual states that are launching an investigation on that case and respond to the requests of these countries’ investigative bodies.

"That is normal cooperation with states through official requests addressed by these states, i.e. investigative bodies, and we will respond to these requests," said the Spokeswoman.
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