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I think a perfect idea is an article on 'Where did Christmas Go?'. Perhaps someone can write an article about how the jews always say they are trying not to offend everyone, but how about the white people who are offended at there being no Christmas? They talk about freedom of religion, but take away people's rights to have their religion celebrated. Also put in there how x-mas crosses out Christ, and how the jews never shy away from Hanuakrap.

Show who is trying to take out God from everywhere in America, like the Jew Newdow, and ask why we never before had a problem in this country with Christmas, the pledge of Allegiance, or 'In God we Trust'. It is crucial that whites understand they, or people loyal to them do not rule America. Ask them if Christians would take Christ out of Christmas, ask them if white people loyal to them would push race mixing of their daughters with blacks. We need them to re-examine the cause of all of this and where it is coming from and Christmas is a perfect example, but something very near and dear to many people's hearts.

I guess you should preface it with the fact that VNN'ers are not all Christians, but we believe in real freedom to practice. I swear if I see one more fucking Neil Simon movie about the hapless and happy go lucky jews, I'll go mad.

They always show a bunch of dopey underdog jews shouldering their burden of their 'lower status' in America with friendly crooked smiles, and an 'Vat can you do?' attitude. The truth is these jews are taught from day one to fuck with whites and everyone else, that they alone matter most. To abuse and mislead people for their own benefit, warp the word of the law so that it has nothing to do with the spirit of the law, and to destroy people who are in their way so that the jews can have their way and vomit their behavior onto the world via any media outlet possible. I mean really, who the fuck goes into finance and banking at such a tremendous rate unless they are greedy and looking to have control over money?

Edit; Epiphany; Newdow the Jew is Attempting to have control over our money and our minds.
Channon and Chris; gone but not forgotten.

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Jews are not just a race or just a religion; they are a race who worship themselves religiously.