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ernst blofeld

You can attack Christianity all you want but you're are not going to get rid of it, ever.
For one thing a lot of Christians feel that being persecuted is part of being Christian, almost an essential element of being a true Christian.
Ridicule and imprisonment won't make it go away.
Why you ask?
Because it, and this goes for other faiths, offers something that hereto neither materialism, government, or ideology can assurance that their ego will survive death and the idea that their will finally be some justice meted out.
We with our entertainments and distractions, our full refrigerators, gas hog SUVs and other creature comforts forget that 90% of humans live in squalor, have very little besides disease, hunger and misery to look forward to.
White Nationalism isn't as attractive conceptually as what Christianity is selling.
It's that bloody simple.
It's easier to put your faith in some imaginary being that the reality of what your fellow man is like.
Most people who have screwed me over in life have been my fellow whites.
Even if every last jew disappeared tomorrow I'm sure there would be plenty of white people left for me to loathe.
If the completely ruthless Soviets and their gulags couldn't wipe out Christianity you better take a reality check and stop whining.
The jews know this and wisely began changing Christianity from within.
Do a little research into how the Rockfeller foundation funded the World council of churches. Within a generation they turned very conservative denominations to ones with dyke pastors performing homo weddings