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Greg Johnson
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Christianity tells every slob that he has an imperishable kernel of worth by virtue of his relationship with God, and that no matter how monstrous or just pathetic one's life is, one can be washed with the blood of the lamb and enjoy eternity watching one's betters simmer in hell. As far as mob appeal is concerned, Christianity is pretty much tops.

But Islam offers the same kind of appeal joined with an even more dumbed down theology, plus it offers carte blanche to rob, murder, and rape infidels, not to mention polygamy in heaven and on earth. Hence its popularity with the darker, dumber, more concupiscent races.

So in the end, I think Christianity will disappear. The smart will drop it for atheism or paganism and the dumb will fall to Islam.

Christianity is almost dead in many European societies: Scandinavia and the Czech Republic are the most advanced.

Christianity is just a phase our race is going through. Some day it will be as dead as Mithraism.