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Originally Posted by Matt in Reno View Post
Oh Captain, my Captain! I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass Alex, honest... but there are so many assumptions I see in the Movement that need to be challenged, or at least opened up to some debate, and not accepted as..... well, gospel. This is one of those things. Here we go...
Just curious, but since you like talking about assumptions where have you backed up any of the assumptions you just warbled on about as if they were the lord's honest truth?

I love how people think that 'a debate' will solve problems in the 'WN' movement as if democracy; in the proper sense of the term, ever solved anything remotely useful.

Round and round the 'WN' merry-go-round we go where it will stop nobody knows...

Originally Posted by Greg Johnson
Some day it will be as dead as Mithraism.
To be fair: there are a bunch of people trying to resurrect that particular mystery cult and they've even got their own little conference (Mithracon which is held at Yale).