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Originally Posted by Karl Radl View Post
No problem: you can also add Alain de Benoist's 'On Being Pagan', which although somewhat philo-Semitic (he uses the Kabbalah as part of his critique) is in the French 'far right' tradition. There's quite a bit of English language work that I remember, but I'll have to find the references later. One of them; come to think of it, would be Barnes' 'The Twilight of Christianity' (published in the 20s) as it makes interesting reading.

Might I suggest splitting it up into sections and then going at it that way since you've got a lot of detailed areas to explore such as say pre-Christian Rome and Christianity's impact there, the impact of Christianity in the Middle Ages and so on. Then you'd also have to go into some detail about Christianity as an intellectual position I would think, which would involve treating the main splits such as Roman Catholic, the Orthodoxies and the various Protestant groups.

It is a massive project and I think the key would be deciding what theory you believe to be the case. E.g. was Jesus a code-word for a mushroom, was Jesus an amalgamation of several 'Christs', was Jesus a real person, was Jesus an Essene etc. As that decides how you approach it and how much literature you can marshall in your support.
I don't want anything that in-depth or historical. What I'm interested in christian-jew, which I get from E. Michael Jones. That's the traditional christian read on what jews are, and how they related to the christian community. I have that already.

The two other things are not historical questions but more general views of ways of thinking.

1) what was it that made christianity different and new from what went before? Ie, what was the traditional view of race, etc, vs the new christian view? Something that would set up as a chart, as well as anything.

2) anything that specifically deals with the christ cult in relation to race. The NS stuff dealing with that is probably the most relevant to what I'm looking for.

If you want help with the NS literature on it and/or the Mushroom hypothesis then please feel free to let me know (as I know quite a bit about both).
I've seen that mentioned, but it doesn't really pertain to what interests me.

All I'm looking for is an overview, not history. But an overview from a specific POV. I already know the guts of what I'm trying to find, I'm just wondering if there are any writers out there who have dealt with these specific problems that I have not heard of. Any NS material dealing with the 'problem' posed by the christ cult is just what I'm looking for. or any christian writing on race and its value.

Also if you want to split it up into sections why not invite people to write different sections as there are a couple of people around here who'd probably be interested in such a project and have enough; what Fred calls, 'mental horsepower' to do it as well as the academic training as to how to go about it.
I don't know the best way to divide it up, I only know what I'm looking for, which is a somewhat different thing. I'm not interested in christian history, i'm interested in what people from all perspectives, christians, ns, other, have said about the difference between the christian view and the traditional view, as pertains to life in general and race in particular.