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Default Re: Origins of Political Correctness

I think that the argument that p.c. is not Bolshevik-originated, or not Lenin-originated, or whatever, is wrong. Why? Because communism evolved a little bit. For example, Stalinism wasn't Trotskyism. It was a little different. There are different "flavors" of communism.

My point? No matter how you look at it, p.c. came from Marxism/communism. It doesn't matter which "flavor" of Marxism it sprang from. Whether it came from Lukacs, Horkheimer, Lenin, or whomever, it is nonetheless rooted in Marxism. So, p.c. is Jewish. It's "cultural Marxism," as opposed to "economic Marxism." [The Jew named Georg Lukacs seems to be the first guy to actually use p.c. on a daily basis, circa 1919].

P.C. = communist doctrine which is rarely called "communist doctrine."