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Default Re: Origins of Political Correctness

Couldn't resist coming back to add a quick note on this topic.

FWIW, when I went to school in Manhattan in late '80s one of my jew professors used the term "politically correct" and I scratched my head, puzzled. The explanation was forthcoming: she then referred to her circle of "uptight Marxist boyfriends" who used the term.

It seems it's a Marxist term. Old books are nice for etymology, but look at who uses the terms in real-life. Serious Marxist yids in New York in the '80s, in my experience.

Did they get it from Weimar Germany? Nah. From Marx? I think so. Is the attitude of "toe the ideological line or you are inhuman and we will crush you" a communist attitude, or the attitude of a Social Democrat in 1920s Berlin? More of a commie attitude. Where did German communists get their living inspiration? Russia.

I can't think of "POLITICALLY incorrect" as a term of damnation without thinking of the Soviet show trials. "POLITICAL" rectitude, and "POLITICAL" (ideological) "crimes," are commie notions. Jew Ayn Rand who opposed Soviets railed against the idea of "political crimes," which came from Russia.

WHO but jews would persecute for "political incorrectness"? Maybe some Bible-beating Christians? Perhaps. Would National Socialists? But wouldn't they call it "RACIAL purity"? What about White commies? Okay, but commies started it, and the main impetus behind communism's acendancy in Russia was the :[].