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Originally Posted by Harry Flash View Post
It's only half true that Jews created, spread Political Correctness to destroy Western Civilization, although the Frankfurt School is certainly their partner in crime.

Political Correctness is nothing more than female orthodoxy. Listen to the language. Love those words "offensive" and "inappropriate". And that centuries old saxon word "cunt" is the worst swear word in the English language.

Furthermore, it was first employed by the "Right" or Conservatives to justify their Jew wars. The expression "Collateral Damage" being a classic case in point.
Incorrect. If you read the articles above, you see that feminism and destroying the patriarchy, replacing it with matriarchy, are a subset of political correctness, rather than PC being a subset of feminism.

PC began as Lenin's term for that which no one must be allowed to deviate from, the settled party line. It's a communist concept, with roots in Russia and Mao's China. It signifies a totalitarian mindset combined with the proven willingness to do anything to destroy opposition, on a sliding scale from simple smearing to sanguinary slaughter.

The modern use of the term comes from Politically Correct Man, a character created by jew Jeff Shesol, a Brown University student who went on to serve as a Democratic operative in the Clinton years. His character became a byword on the right, which used PC for laughs, without EVER ONCE digging into the communist origins of concept. Because that would mean mentioning the jewish anti-White, anti-Western animus at its heart, and the whiteskin sellouts like Rush Limbaugh dare not do that lest they be taken off the airwaves.