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Default Abortion is genocide


What is the democratic right for the lives of children, yet unborn?

Genocide by Lust, Greed, Selfishness and Promotion

The greatest mass extermination in the history of mankind

Why did the women under National Socialism/Fascism not want to abort their cherished creations? Because mothers in Germany and Italy were respected, supported and honoured by the state - they were granted the highest status in society. A status that is not encouraged today in our liberal, disposable, self-serving, contemporary democracies.

THE WOMAN WAS 22 WEEKS PREGNANT when she sought the assistance of Dr. Martin Haskell, the originator of the partial-birth abortion procedure, to rid herself of the already kicking child.

Haskell performed the first stage of the partial-birth abortion. He inserted a seaweed-based substance into the woman's cervix and instructed her to return the following day. In the usual course of events, the seaweed absorbs the amniotic fluid from the womb and expands, thus slowly dilating the cervix. The next day, new seaweed is inserted. On the third day, the abortionist opens the cervix with his fingers, feels around for the baby's legs with tongs and pulls one or both out of the birth canal and delivers the whole body except the head. He rotates the foetus' shoulders so that the baby's face is oriented toward the mother's lower back and then, using scissors, he punctures the bottom of the baby's skull and suctions the brain out through a tube.

But in this case, things did not go according to plan. The woman complained of severe abdominal pain on the first night and, being far from Haskell's clinic, reported to the emergency room of her local hospital. As she was being examined (she did not say she was pregnant), the baby was born - alive.

Paediatricians and neonatologists came running. The baby girl weighed in at one pound. The doctors decided that the child was very unlikely to survive and instructed that nothing be done. Connie Boyles, a nurse, and Shelly Lowe, a medical technician, saw the baby girl gasp for air and were stunned. Shelly Lowe, knowing that the nurses were busy caring for other patients in the emergency room, asked if she could hold the child she had dubbed "Baby Hope" until she died. The request was granted.

Shelly wrapped Baby Hope in a blanket and settled into a rocking chair for what she imagined would be just a few minutes. She sang to her and stroked her cheeks. "I wanted her to feel that she was wanted," Shelly explained later. "She was a perfectly formed new-born, entering the world too soon, through no choice of her own." The baby sucked on her lower lip, opened and closed her hands, and moved as Shelly Lowe held her. Dr John Willke, a pro-life activist and former obstetrician, says he doesn't quarrel with the initial determination made by the emergency room physicians that Baby Hope was too small and premature to survive but when she was alive and still breathing air 30 minutes after birth, her status should have been reassessed. An excellent neonatal care clinic was a mere 30 minute helicopter flight away and she might have been saved. As it was, nothing was done.

After three hours, Baby Hope died in the arms of the compassionate Shelly Lowe. A death certificate was issued, the cause being 'extreme prematurity due to induced abortion'.

Would the ghoulish Dr Haskell have issued her a death certificate or would Baby Hope just been thrown in the dustbin with the rest of the trash? Very few premature infants survive when born before 23 weeks, though there have been survivors at 22 weeks. Still, one has to wonder, if Baby Hope had been wanted by her mother, would doctors have been as ready to give up on her? Would they have still ignored the signs of vitality Baby Hope showed? Was Baby Hope's value as a human being secondary to her value to the mother?

If we judge people's humanity by any standard other than that each is a unique individual with God-given rights, we demean every person's dignity. A child is a child. Would-be adoptive parents wait years and years or go abroad in search of children to love.

Shelly Lowe was asked at a press conference what her position on abortion was. She said she had been pro-choice but was now pro-life. What changed her mind? Three hours.

In World War I - millions of men were at the front who could not produce children from 1914 - 1919.
Then there was the Allied Blockade, which cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of German women and children after that terrible war. Next came the hunger and despair of the Depression and devastating inflation of the 1920s. The German birthrate plummeted as a result of this.

These millions of unborn Germans were to cost the German nation the certain victory in the East 20-25 years later!

A vision came to me while reading those lines in that stirring book: "My God, we in the Western world, especially in Canada and the USA, are permitting abortionists to murder the unborn by the millions - without much protest! On the contrary, with the consent of the majority of the population!"

I felt a shiver moving up my spine, and even now I get upset about this memory, because I believe that God or Nature - call it what you will - will punish us collectively for those mass murders of the unborn by depriving us of the "Last Battalions" in the coming conflagrations.

Those whom we so callously allow to be torn by vacuum suction from the wombs of perfectly healthy mothers, to be so cruelly destroyed and disposed of in garbage containers, will not be there to defend Western Culture and Civilization.

That "Last Battalion" is already missing - for others, from other countries and regions of this planet who did not murder the fruits of their bodies are now taking the places of our unborn, in universities, the job market, in just about every area of human endeavor, because our own offspring, murdered or otherwise prevented from being born, is not there to fill the void and the need for skills, manpower etc.

And this is only the beginning. Karma is being done! Nature knows no vacuum! The places are filled by others.

This is genocide by lust and greed and selfishness!