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Default Howe we get brainwash

We get brain washed very easy, for now it is TV, part of Internet, like pornography or lie informations! We get brain wash every day from our politicians who speak to folk as we are total morons and they want to turn over main thematic, and this is immigrations, financially broke, deficiency of jobs, peoples dont have jobs! Our governments, European, American, all democratic in generally, give asset and benefit to minorities!
White man become very poor, there is no middle class what is most important class in country, this class is gone!
So, negros,gypsies, muslims and squiptars are in advantage to us, they will get everything! Reason is because they are so easy for Jewish manipulation, they are sub-races who are primitive kind of humans and they dont understand anything except to have white women, or worst, girls, they are pedophiles in most cases!
We all know it is truth, so if we today dont stand on right side, we will die!
Situation in Novorossia is good example, so called Azov, N.S. division, no matter with National-Socialism, they fight for and with negros, muslims, Zog and their main superior is NEGRO, Obama, what are we talking about here, National-Socialists who receive orders from Negro??? Strange, THIS IS PURE BRAIN WASHED EXAMPLE! Russians are White Slavic Aryan Race, and Germany now must play main role and join to Slavs because this would be end of ZOG tirany!
I call all Germans to stand up and fight for Serbia, for Russia and against NATO in generally! Crush EU and bring new United Europe Lands, same as we are one big country! Our inside enemy are English and Judeo-Americans, we must rider of them!
For SLAVIC-GERMAN and ROMAN and all other Aryan Nations FRIENDSHIP ! ! !