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Default Spoke with White girls

I spoked today with my girl friend and I ask her about her attitude on mixed relationships! She told me how she never be with gypsie, but nigger maybe, I was so sad and I had to explain her why this is wrong!
Girl told me how depends, if she like some nigger she would accept to be with him, than I ask her what is a difference between gypsie and nigger, than she become confused, but still she saw what is my point and I give everything to explain her that this would be disaster of her Blood and how her body would become garbage, just explain on nice way, on their language, not as here, on VNN Still, they don't understand and be happy because God give us to understand valuable of Blood purity and Soil!
Please, I appeal on everybody who have some liberal girl friends to talk with them, but don't be angry, be angry in your self, point is that you explain to them why is this wrong!
I talk with lot of girls about this and I hope it was useful, we must talk with our folk and explain them problems of our societies and how system put them picture, if nigger is god man, than it is ok to be with him'' No, just explain them how they contaminate our Blood by mixing with those monkeys, good or bad, nigger is virus and our girls destroying this line of Racial purity by sleep with nigger, so this is how we disappear!

If we can't talk in public, we can do this on other ways! Talk with your friends, girls especially!!!