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Andre Fabre
Default Restored here

I'm technically fully restored, but I'm still working on lengthening my new foreskin.

I want to let everyone here know that my approach to restoration was slightly different from all the documentation you find online. Instead of restoring with devices, I opted to go will manual methods only, and used my scar line as my only tugging point. I repositioned my scar line from behind the glans to the very tip of my penis.

Repositioning the scar line to the very end of the penis achieves several goals. For one, only inner skin touches the glans at all times, just like an intact man's prepuce does. The scar line turns slightly thicker and erotically sensitive, and in the end, it works and performs very similarly to a frenar or ridged band. The outer skin stays outside, just like in an intact penis.

The reason I decided to go with manual methods is that most restoration devices tend to pull whichever skin you have the most of, ending up with a foreskin that oftentimes the outer skin involutes onto itself. This form of restoration is not ideal because some of the outer skin touches the glans at all times, and such skin does not provide the same environment that a glans needs. The glans should be touched only by inner skin. The inner skin is mucosal in nature, while the outer skin is just that; outer skin.

Aside from using only my hands and fingers to restore, I also used o-rings, or rubber gaskets, to use as retainers, at least at the intermediate stages of my restoration. Once I could wear o-rings comfortably during the day, and as my skin continued to grow, I added more rings to keep the skin stretched when not tugging. Eventually, I had enough skin, which allowed me to retain at night.

Retaining at night allows you to extend your tugging routines into the night. The nocturnal erections do the tugging for you while the rings keep the skin in place. This process requires some observation and practice the first few times you try it. Usually, a man must do an erection test while awake with a single ring to see if he can wear an o-ring while sleeping. The ring should sit firmly at the very end of the available skin, achieve an erection, and see if the o-ring stays put. If the glans tries to go through the ring, it is too large and should never be used. The o-ring should be large enough to allow good blood flow to the skin at the other side of the ring, while at the same time it is small enough to hold the skin firmly in place.

Eventually, as my skin continued to grow, I continued adding more rings to the array. Now I can wear 8 o-rings day and night. During the night I place the rings as close to the tip of my foreskin as possible while leaving a small "rosebud" of skin to keep the rings in place. During the daytime, I pull more or less skin through the rings to add or release tension on the skin, turning the o-rings array into a tugging device. Going through this process of pulling and releasing skin through the rings regularly turns out to be the most effective and efficient way to restore the prepuce.

I started as a CI-3, and currently, I'm a CI-8+. My goal is to achieve a CI-9 or full erect coverage.