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Originally Posted by Whitefist
Exactly what is "excellent" about Lord Kievsky's ideas? Let's see, he advocates Whites should emulate their racial inferiors and underlive them by taking on boarders and carpooling, things he doesn't do himself because as he said, "the wife won't let me..." a little do as I say not as I do, he has suggested Whites go on welfare to drain the system, he advocates a primitive agrarian social network with a little tradecraft like primitive metalworking or cheesemaking on the side, he denigrates working class White people fancying himself some kind of future aristocrat in a post peak oil/apocalypse world simply because he knows a foreign language and has read fine literature and can play the violin! Does that about sum it up?

All of which I don't have a problem with, he advocates a LIFESTYLE, which btw he doesn't embrace himself other than his gardening. So be it, but let's not confuse these ideas as serious political thinking. He's said himself, this is fun and games to him, like a big frat party, and in that I think he got it 100 percent correct. The responses to him on this thread from Steve B. and Augustus Sutter reflect the seriousness with which these ideas should be taken, the only real lunacy being those who consider this some kind of radical out of the box thinking that is somehow going to save the White race.

As his Eminence has said this is a message board, and it allows these "ideas" to be vetted. If they are with merit they will stand on their own, and others will begin posting the great success they've enjoyed following his Lordships advice more so than his example.

To his credit he does recommend that Whites embrace a spirit of entrepreneurship, and that is a good suggestion. But all of what he writes could be more seriously taken if it wasn't merely idle speculation on his part, other than for the bunnyslaying. His "ideas" will carry more weight when he in fact lives as Randy Weaver did, off the grid, with boarders and no car as he recommends we do, and has become a successful WNist entrepreneur.

From the above comment are we to infer you are a member of the vaunted Boston you put it, it's all about having a "blast" so enjoy the bunny slaying frat party get togethers... Serious political activity they are not, fun and games I guess if that's what floats your boat.

Btw, from what Lord Kievsky wrote are we to infer that dogs and cats are on the menu next?
Yanno, my first thought was to spend a little time this afternoon and dismantle this whole animal of yours piece by piece. But then I realized that I really didn't have to take the time, and I could sum it all up a little easier.....What do YOU have goin' on? :cheers:

Oh, hey....Wanna kiss the rabbit between his ears?