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Arrow Did he or did he not post those things???

Originally Posted by Stan Sikorski
Sutter dug his own hole. I was willing to give him room as Kievsky was open to the debate even though AS was acting like a jackass in an activism thread. That was enough for me to take action on him. But dragging the man's family into it is another thing.

Steve and Whitefist, you have personal problems with Kievsky, find another way to vent it off the forum or at least keep it out of activism threads.

And if you hate the way I do business or VNN handles things, why bother coming here? The internet is a big place. Plenty of room for reindeer games.
Stan, I'm curious, how is what I posted a personal problem with Kievsky when I believe Kievsky has in fact said:

1. "Preparing for global apocalypse" is enjoying life and a silly idea, implying that it is the equivalent of a hobby. If that doesn't come across as the musings of a nutcase then tell me how do you think a normal White person would read that, his words Stan.

2. He likens his little get togethers to frat parties, basically just having a good time with friends. How is that serious political activism?

3. He wrote that we should underlive our racial competition by taking on boarders and giving up our cars, which btw he would do but his wife won't let him, again his words. So, Kievsky talks a good game, do as I say but not as I do...his words Stan.

4. He has encouraged Whites to go on welfare, a well known position of his on this board.

5. He has openly stated that he fancys himself a future aristocrat, why, because as he says, he speaks a foreign language, has read fine literature and can play the violin! Again Stan, his words. I'll ask again, does that sound like a normal take on life, something a normal White man or woman would relate to?

He reminds me of Tony Curtis in Spartacus, starring jew Kirk Douglas, where Tony Curtis is asked by Spartacus, "What do you do?" to which Tony Curtis replies, "I'm a singer of songs..." and Spartacus replies, "Yes, but what work do you do..."

Finally Stan, unlike the very personal and childish attacks directed against Augustus Sutter, I stuck only to that which he posted and said himself publically on this message board, which I would think should be enough to call into question the high regard in which Kievsky is held as a deep thinker on this board.

There's nothing personal about it, what Kievsky has posted comes across as loony, and imo most normal White folk, racially aware or not, would interpret it that way, which is what I believe I posted above.

To Brutus and Irish Pride, ROFLOL, so you can pick apart everything I posted, go ahead, I think I quoted his Eminence verbatim in this thread and I guess even he didn't bother to refute his own words so I'd love to see how you will.
The mob was heading in, to ransack and loot the apartments of the terrified old men and women. When the troopers arrived, M-16s at the ready, the mob threatened and cursed, but the mob retreated. It had met the one thing that could stop it: force, rooted in justice, backed by courage.-1992 Republican National Convention Speech, Houston, Texas, by Patrick J. Buchanan August 17, 1992