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Originally Posted by Kievsky
Yep, those are my ideas. Just keep my family out of it and everything is fine.

My problem with you, "Whitefist" is that you used your visit to my house and the personal information you collected to provide to anonymous Internet personality Augustus Sutter, who PM'd me with an "I know all about you -- where you live, etc" message. I wondered, "Where the heck did he get all that info?" and then I realized that Whitefist is part of his little junior high school girl gossip clique.

You failed to realize that we guard our personal information very carefully.
You really are a sick mental fuck. I didn't provide any personal info to Augustus Sutter regarding your whereabouts or any private family info, however the culprit is staring you right in the mirror!

How quickly you have forgotten your private associations and conversations with him, where you yourself on another forum provided to him TONS of personal family info ROFLOL. Not to mention that your very presence on VNN and VNNF is one long discussion by you of YOU! So you violated your own alleged principle of guarding your personal information carefully, ROFLOL, what a joke!

What are you trying to do, make yourself seem like a martyr now that a few posters didn't fellate you on this thread, ALL HAIL LORD KIEVSKY.

Quit acting like a faggot, nobody put out any personal info on the board THAT YOU YOURSELF HAVEN'T ALREADY PUT OUT, like your name and where you live, nor was anything conveyed to you in PM that had anything to do with your family. What's more, Augustus Sutter is not some anonymous internet personality but rather is a well established racial activist, which is why he was part of the invitation only forum you referenced earlier in this thread.

What's really amusing is that you started the personal and family attacks on Augustus Sutter IN THIS THREAD, actually using jew pyschobabble to incorrectly btw characterize his personal life, then you get on a high horse because of a PRIVATE MESSAGE whereby personal info you yourself provided was mentioned to you, if that isn't the definition of CHUTZPAH I don't know what is!