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Originally Posted by Kievsky
We had a debate about WN's who live in their cars, and/or accept assistance from ZOG. You believe that it discredits us; I disagree. So what?

You've made your attempts to discredit me on this board. That's fine, and the above post is an accurate description of my ideas and it does not leverage information acquired during your visit to Connecticut.

So if people want to agree with Whitefist and disagree with my ideas, they are free to do so. I certainly shall not go out of my way to defend my ideas. There are plenty of people who agree with me, and have not changed their minds. Those who disagree, I say, it's a free country. And I'm always interested to hear the alternative ideas of what to do of those who disagree, if you have any.

It's clear to many of us, those who criticize and attack are not coming up with any ideas themselves. They are just saying, "Normal White people would think this is weird." I know plenty of these "normal White people" and anything outside their very narrow range of mass media and advertising manufactured ideas is "weird." I don't see the value in trying to conform to a degenerate and dumbed down society. I see value in trying to come up with fresh ideas, and trying them out.
I've posted my ideas but being too self-absorbed I guess you missed them.

1. White men need to clean up their act and get their shit straight, earn income and act responsibly, LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

2. It seems to me the ideal area for racial activists in the Kwa to concentrate on would be among the working class, blue and white collar, more specifically, concentrating on a genuine LABOR MOVEMENT. Talk to people on the issue that most concerns them, ECONOMICS.

The problem is that your entire set of ideas won't translate because from your perspective hard working White people that embrace the American Dream are sick, how ironic coming from you, and so that is why I challenge what you post, because it is impossible to relate to the ordinary working White Man, they used to be called the "Reagan Democrats," when all you offer them is admonishment for THEIR LIFESTYLE, and castor oil as a remedy.

My interest in challenging your posts and ideas is not to discourage people from following you, but rather to show lurkers and those Whites I consider normal that there are racially aware White folks that can and do relate to them, that we aren't all part of the bizarre subculture/cult known as WNism.

I do sincerely wish you well in your endeavors, and should you prove to be right in the final analysis I certainly will be man enough to acknowledge that, however I'm not holding my breath waiting for that day ...