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Originally Posted by Mick Walker View Post
some seriously good threads are being ruined by people flaming each other and going off topic,
Yes, Mick, that is a problem. For example, there's this creepy pro-Chinese propagandist who is obsessed with me for some reason. As I said in another thread, this guy suddenly returned to VNN after four years with the sole purpose of harassing me, even though I've never interacted with him before.

He follows me around on the forum and shows up in my threads to accuse me of being a pro-jewish infiltrator, and he keeps leaving unwanted messages on my profile page where he talks about my sex life and tries to spam the page with large pictures, which is the kind of childish and annoying stuff that trolls and antis usually do.

This pro-Chinese nutjob has gone through my posting history to try to find any kind of dirt that he thinks he can use against me, and the best he has come up with so far is to attack me for watching anime and listening to Eurodance, trance and techno music, which he ridiculously calls "homosexual", and he keeps bringing this up in the news subforum where it's clearly off topic. (I normally don't post music videos or anime pictures in VNN's news and politics sections.)

No sane person would start stalking a complete stranger in the way that I have described, so it's obvious that this guy isn't quite right in the head. But I guess you would have to be nuts to believe that China's pro-jewish, anti-white, mass-murdering communist regime is going to save the world and crush jewish globalism.