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M.N. Dalvez

pro-Chinese propagandist
But I guess you would have to be nuts to believe that China's pro-jewish, anti-white, mass-murdering communist regime is going to save the world and crush jewish globalism.
I, personally, have never said anything even close to that, you fucking lying cunt.

Your posting history over the last 4 years has been: post jewshit, and harass and insult anyone who disagrees with you. Even if they're not posting in threads you began. That's when you're not fagging up the forum with your gay Japanese children's cartoon pictures of shirtless Japanese men, or posting your gay 'manly' electronic music. Or endlessly posting jewshit from Breitbart.

The reason why that stuff is relevant is your default response is to call anyone who disagrees with you 'pro Chinese' ... when you're clearly pro Japanese yourself. You've been a lot more complimentary about Japan than anyone else here has been about China.

For you to whine and complain when you get 1% of what you've been giving to others here for your entire time is pathetic.

Furthermore, if you don't want to be mocked for posting gay shit on this forum ... don't post gay shit on this forum. If you don't want to be mocked for posting jew shit on this forum ... don't post jew shit on this forum. It's so simple, and yet you can't keep yourself from doing it.

He follows me around on the forum
tries to spam the page with large pictures
I posted ONE picture mocking you, which I only did after you did the same to me in a public thread.

If you refrain from shitting up other people's threads on this forum, I leave you alone. It's only when you can't resist posting bullshit in threads that other people have posted that I go after you.

And 'stalking'? It's a public forum, and everything that everyone has posted is easily accessible. What 'stalking'? Are the goyim harassing you and perpetrating hate crimes against you, bubbeleh?

some here seem to want to just derail the threads
Why would the admins and 'moderator's!!!' make you a moderator, you thick cunt? You're English and you can't even write grammatical sentences in your own language, you illiterate retard. And what purpose does using three exclamation points or question marks serve? Why the fuck can't you even use apostrophes correctly?

Also: you seem to ignore that people don't go into threads that Stewart started and post bullshit. He does it to others, though. He's been doing it ever since he started posting here, to people who have been contributing to this forum a lot longer than he has.

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