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Originally Posted by M.N. Dalvez View Post
For you to whine and complain when you get 1% of what you've been giving to others here for your entire time is pathetic.
I don't falsely accuse other VNN members of being jews. I don't falsely accuse them of creating sockpuppets to thumb up their own posts. I don't flood their profile pages with rude comments. You do that, not me.

That's when you're not fagging up the forum with your gay Japanese children's cartoon pictures of shirtless Japanese men, or posting your gay 'manly' electronic music.
The anime that you're referring to is a martial arts series, so yes, it contains scenes of shirtless men fighting. Just like Bruce Lee movies or wrestling or beat 'em up video games. If you think that there's anything homosexual about that, then you're simply projecting your own homosexual perversions onto others.