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Originally Posted by Duitsebloed View Post
Free speech and censored speech are both double edged swords.

On one hand with free speech you get to say what you want but on the other hand you have to put up with other people saying things you think are total bullshit and you wish they would just shut the fuck up.

With censored speech you donít always get to say what you want but , depending on who is doing the censoring , you might not have to hear as much dumb bullshit.

I discovered this site when Stormfront was down and decided I like the more open free speech policy so am still posting since Stormfront went back up but I still like Stormfront.

I have friends there that took a long time to build a friendship and Iím willing to play along with the rules to maintain my spot there.

But I can totally understand and respect if someone else needs to say whatever they need to say and doesnít give a fuck who doesnít like it.
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