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Originally Posted by Rounder
BTW, my LTE was published in today's Benton County (Ark) Daily Record, according to their editor who I spoke with this morning. I'm not computer savy enough to locate it on their website. Here's their website if somebody wants to try and find it for posting here: (Then click on "Benton County Daily Record")

Benton County Daily Record

Posted on Saturday, October 22, 2005

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Voicing a view
I’m the white fellow who distributed copies of The Aryan Alternative newspaper in your area on Oct. 18. Our paper is also on the Internet, by the way. It’s simply a newspaper for white folks. We present news and commentary of interests to white people that the system Jewish controlled newspapers refuse to print. We are pro-white. They are antiwhite. I’m a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant who served two tours in Vietnam and 13 years in the Green Beret paratroopers, 64 years young. But if Arkansas cops want to arrest me for exercising my constitutional rights of freedom of speech and the press, just have them phone me at 417-258-7785 and I’ll be happy to come there and turn myself in.
Glenn Miller / Springfield, Mo
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