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I think those are the large, cheek to jowl, on the waterfront, "saltbox" beach houses just before the bridge into Virginia Beach. Was surprised to see White kids in wetsuits w/boards in that frigid weather.

A few houses were more traditional and opulent McMansions.

Talmud tube staring Kwans have such a perfectly Jewized version of what constitutes free speech, don't they, Rounder? Heck, we barely have to wait for the ADL and FBISPLC to change the laws to England's, Germany's, Sweden's and Canada's Zionist standards.

Forget Prussian Blue. I'm waiting for the pure blonde White wigger rappers in Jew Al Jolson winecork blackface (ala Kiss Jew Gene Simmons), but with blonde headhairs flying, to come onto Murray Rothstein's Music TV, and sarcastically/musically, and in drumbeated, sound-effected rhyme call for the fucking and generalized debasements of nigresses (sic) by the White male populace.

Sure, they'd be an instantaneous huge commercial hit, each bandmember worth tens of millions, but would it constitute "free speech" (at least for paying MTV subscribers), or would it be soon-to-be-illegalized hate speech?
We'll just have to wait for the ADL and FBISPLC, our Congressdicks and Congresscunts, and- not least- our local Barney Fife sheriffs to explain our crimes to us.