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Originally Posted by Poison View Post
Is that why the regime of Milan Nedich was a puppet of Third Reich? You must be thankful for that chance.
What this has to do with the fact that the Third Reich was not the epitome of white race? Dumb bagelhead.....
KEK all king of Serbian empire aka "Greater serbia" had called themselves "Yugoslavian".
Nope, you ignorant kike fuck. Only the Karadjordjevic dynasty was pro-Yugoslavian.
It's good how Vjekoslav prevented communism in their childhood, likewise you did same in Srebrenica.
Well, you sick kike piece of shit, it's good to see your true face when you laugh upon slaughtered white children.
And what about Srebrenica? In Srebrenica, muzrats were the one who slaughtered Serbian civilians through many villages around Srebrenica.between 1992-1995. In 1995 we made a revenge and killed those muzrats, but we killed only military-ready men.
Mihailovich wasn't a chetnik? Cool story bro!
No he wasn't, you ignorant kike piece of shit. He called himself "Ravnogorac" and even on his trial he admitted that his troops were never called "chetniks" but "ravnogorci".