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Originally Posted by Poison View Post
And yet he uphold the dream of a state of Serbian domination of other countries under such freaken state and got his ass popped by a Buglarian.
You're dreaming again, kike buttbreath. In the battle of Velbazhd we beat the Bulgar tatars so hard (and killed their king) that they never recovered fully after that. So try again kike, but next time learn at least the basic history of Balkans, fucktard.

Even European writers wrote about it like Pozzi , your only great achievement is always starting wars and dragging others into shi.t.
Which war exactly, you lying circumcised asswipe?

Russia would have been better without wasting single life in WWI.
Russia would have been better if they would have took the "protocols of the elders of zion" more seriously and if they would have dealt with infiltrating kikes like you more seriously, and on time.

Hopefully you are not counting on more Russian cannon folder for your adventures , guess the Russian journalists learnt it in 90s.
This time the only cannon fodders will be you hook-nosed shitholes. So don't you worry.

Yes and Hitler is a reptilian like the gibanicaris wearing Draza shirts and calling themselves Chetniks. , all the best from yours truly Poison and SF 'R' team.
Mihailovich himself said it on his trial that his movement was never called a chetnik movement but a Yugoslavian movement and that his troops were called "ravnogorci" and not "chetnilks", so once again, shut your lying kike mouth.