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Default Administration should consider dishonorable way of braking the rules by next members:

VNN administration should consider future of members violating the rules of VNN forum!
On this thread ,,SF Serbia'' due multiple accounts, insulting, spreading lies about Serbian history and well known infiltrators from stormfront as Ru88 (Poison), Vitaly SND, White_Jihad...
Those members insulted all members by telling lays about historical facts about Serbian folk on very dishonorable way. Serbian nation fought against ''modern ISIS'' or Islamic terrorists since 1300s.
Non single white nation must not hate other white nation in such way!

It was not long time ago that no one can't remember why NATO bombarded Serbia in 1999 for 3 and half months. 24 March is anniversary of NATO bombed Serbia because of ''Serbian aggression'' on muslims, Serbia defended own state and nation very successfully.
Serbia was under Ottoman empire occupation since 1521 to 1878 as many other states, it would be same you say today about French nation, Sweden or German they are Turks...No, they are under occupation of their own governments and millions of muslims entered in Europa by illegal immigration (ALL ARE ILLEGAL) all European nations are victims of our own government usurpers left millions and millions of ISIS jihadists enter Europa!
Famous European nationalists as NPD leaders or Forza Nuova, AfD, ND and many more see Serbia as one of ,,Whitest'' states what i personally heard from one highest NPD officials sad quote ,,Serbia is lucky to have so much white people and no Islamic terrorists'' end of quote.
Europa will be split on nations always...but above all Aryan race and our religion shall triumph once for all! 14W


5. Do not call someone a jew unless you can prove it. That goes for informer/grass/state agent/fed too. As well as pedophile/murderer/rapist/race-mixer, etc. We won't tolerate these character smears, so don't make bogus claims unless you can back them with evidence. Your opinion is not evidence.

6. No disrupting activism threads - admins will notify members where this rule obtains.