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Originally Posted by Ru88 View Post
I'm your Russian brother, therefore I'm a big brother. You must feel happy to clean my shoes, otherwise I won't support greater servia ideas anymore.
You're a kike piece of shit just like your budy Filatov, you never were a Russian.

Who cares about prehistoric times? Before XX century you co-worked with Ottomans in murdering white people of Balkans, after 1900s Karadjordjevic shaped everything you ever had - "greater serbia" aka Yugoslavia.
The history of your "nation" is no older than one century so I understand that beyond it everything is "prehistoric" for your kind. That's why para-nations like your shouldn't exist at first place.

Coward Mihailovich could say anything just to save his ass in the communist court.
In other words you are speculating without a single evidence while calling it "true". Typical kike behavior.