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Vitaly "SND"

many isis fighters if they remove beard will look whiter than average servian dog.

Abdullah Ramo Pazara famous Bosnian who joined ISIS without beard (old image before he become muhamed-insane jihad).

whiter than most servs

even these peopel

without beard they will look like average serb at worst and probably better because they are more aryan than armenoid servians. with stupid beard they still look more aryan than mongrel servians without beard like this

Servians have more afrikan haplogrup and are more mixed and nonwhite than Bosnians - science
E1b1b1a2-V13, 12.90% https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geneti...es_on_Bosniaks
E1b1b1a2-V13, 20.4% and 19.80%. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetic_studies_on_Serbs

in 12.90% Bosnian E haplogrup, many may be serbs who convert to Islam. in croatia it's lower (10%). croats wisely removed some E in eugenic center Jasenovac.
servian faces

Hitler and Himmler right supporting bosnian aryans more than sERVIAN inferior! today stupid serb preetnd they are better because they are christinsane, as if it's much better than muhamed-insane, even when they serb behavior worse than isis, but Hitler and Himler wiser.