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Originally Posted by Vitaly "SND" View Post
who are tresh with most afrikan and semitic haplogrup in Bosnia i Hercegovina? easy guess


Hey Moroz Darknet

Your chart shows Bulgaria E1b1b at 23.5%, and even Croatia at 10%.Croatia 6 J2 as well

Montenegro at 27% lol what bullshit. This was the most isolated hard to conquer part with no foreign hordes ever settling there.

BTW you can cherry pick a few gypos and present them as Serbs but if that's the case then we can do that with any country in Europe. Say how do you think France or Romania Bulgaria Greece Hungary Spain Portugal Italy, or even Germany and Holland would fare if I were to try to present them as 'non white'? Let alone America

You are a retard who thinks his cheap propaganda is somehow interesting to WNs.

Your tactic here is just like on SF, to distract and steer conversation towards the 'which Europeans are not white' 'discussion', all in an attempt to move focus away from jews and ZOG
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