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Stewart Meadows

Originally Posted by Dominus View Post
Ružić, you should put some more effort in it.
For example you should create at least five more accounts to make it more believable. "Stewart Meadows"? Next should be "John Smith", then "David Williams" etc.

Само се ти труди Ружићу, нико те не јебе ни пол` посто. Лепо је видети међутим да је због тог уложеног труда пропала СФЦ.
In this thread you've accused Goldfinger of being an anti-Serbian troll from Bosnia and Herzegovina named Ružić, but now you're saying that I'm him. Does that mean that Goldfinger and I are the same person? Is that really what you think?

For the record: I'm not this Ružić person, I've never been to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I only have one VNN account. I have, however, spent a lot of time in Slovenia and Croatia, whose beautiful coastal cities and villages are perfect for long summer vacations.

I suppose you could use this fact to try to paint me as an anti-Serbian troll (since Serbs and Croats don't seem to like each other very much), but anybody who bothers to go through my VNN posting history will see that I don't engage in gratuitous Serbia-bashing; I'm here to expose jews' crimes, perversions and nefarious influence in Western media and politics.