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The pro Shiptar/Bosnian muslim BBC is such a fucking disgrace

The only reason they are now timidly 'reporting' on this is because it has been splashed all over the net and independent media now for a long time and they cant possibly ignore or cover it up any longer.

A further 1,500 Kosovo Albanians are still missing from wartime, when Serb security forces carried out many, well-documented atrocities against the majority Albanian population
Hundreds of bodies were found in mass graves in Serbia

Our investigation shows that KLA fighters, too, were guilty of serious human rights abuses
Notice the Jew propaganda here, it assumes that everyone 'knows' that only Serbs commit crimes and that this is a real surprise for people, that NATO's allies the KLA are capable of any wrong doing.
The well worn out anti serb propaganda of 'well-documented' atrocities against the majority Albanian population has to be repeated again and again even in articles that show murders of Serbs. This is typical jew media spin which we Serbs have become all too familiar with.
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