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First off: Get over yourself. Most of my posts have been directed at Churchill and principle not you personally. He screams in pain as he hits does ole Becky boy.

Tell me, Cthulu,
Nice way to mis-spell my handle arsewipe.

can you provide any direct evidence, other than one allegation printed by Moshe Kohn, Jerusalem Post?
Already given a link. But no you want more don't you. That is what the next statement is for because you know I have already provided more.

Now, please don't post heresay or speculation by Churchill's detractors; I mean direct and corroborated evidence.
Name changing, the name itself, the industries involved, activities involved in, friends and aquantinces. How does a jew wise spot a crypto jew, pray tell? Western Civilisation left in ruins perhaps.

Heaven forbid that anyone should be a detractor of Churchill!

Please keep in mind, the original purpose of this week's TTIND broadcast was not to discuss whether or not Churchill was a Jew, but rather the manipulation of historical persona (justified or not) by the Jew's media to justify the Iraq war. That is something you don't seem to acknowlege in your breathless attacks against me.
My attacks against you? Fuck you little man.

The queerness of using, to ramp up a war on a man who supposedly gassed the Kurds, the image of a man that actually did would have been sufficent.
-- Cthulhu
I didn't acknowledge it? Piss off. There is direct evidence to the contrary. Go on, keep on defending the senseless psychopathic murderer of millions of Whites.

At first I thought you were just stunningly ignorant, and had a barrow to push concerning your Evola elite bullshit, but now I have to wonder if you yourself are not an agent of the enemy.

Seen me lauding a man like Churchill, responsible for so much senseless destruction upon our people, in the words of another, "In terms of human suffering to millions of people and destruction of the noble edifice of mankind there has been no career more disastrous."? No. But you have. Deal with it. Be a man and apologise or accept that some of us are going to consider you don't have the credentials of someone with the best interests of the White race in mind.

You haven't answered one of my attacks on Churchill but instead intimated I had some ulterior motive of attacking you personally. He crys out in pain as he hits does ole Becky boy.

Like I said, apologise or get bend. You want to laud that psychopathic jewish agent resposible for bringing so much calamity on my peoples' heads, expect a healthy stream of Ayran hatred.
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