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Our only hope for autonomy in U.S lies in Europe, particularly Eastern Europe where nationalism is spreading like wildfire, and eventually to Western Europeans.

This will lead to for the first time since Martel's saved Europe from moors and the Asiatic, a pro-white, pro-western civilization countries to oppose, or equalize Asia continent, etc influence in our Western’s shore. Our leaders, agents of foreigners’ powers, will then be exposed, and wrestled out of position.

dates of events:

711 With help from the betrayal by the “persecuted Jewish minority” of Spain, an army of Arabs and Berbers crosses the Strait of Gibraltar and easily eliminates the Visigothic monarchy, driving the surviving Aryan-Christian nobility into the foothills of the Pyrenees, where they will remain in timid isolation for the next three centuries.

712 AD: Other Sephardim (“Eastern” Jews from the African and Asian tribes) follow the Islamic Jihad into Spain. This initiates a new “Golden Age” for the Diaspora, a period of Jewish supremacy among merchants and bankers across the known world. International trade is soon dominated by this people without a country who, by their international connections, common language and mercantile skill began to amass great wealth, trading not only silk, spice, sugar, rice, oranges, jewelry and slaves, but also information and intelligence -- mercantile, political, religious and military -- for it is the merchants who carry the news to their bankers, and the bankers to the kings.

732 AD: Charles Martel halts the Islamic horde at the Battle of Poitiers. Western Europe is saved from amalgamation with Moorish blood. Spain is not so lucky, though they do prosper for awhile -- a small compensation for the rape of their genes.