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Originally Posted by joeylowsac View Post
That's what I was getting at. Thank you for saying it. I could see clearly that it was recruitment and it was troubling that it was not explicitly stated as such. I have nothing against recruitment per se and the importance of staying active cannot be understated. Unfortunately, as politicians routinely demonstrate, many people are easily mislead by nothing more than simple semantics. It is necessary to avoid dissemblance.
No problem brother, we figured its a good way to get active. We been having some great turn outs of people. The good thing is that so many of our people are starting to wake up to the real problems in this country which is the Jew. In the past 30 years I been involved in the movement the last 5 years has been the most exciting I have seen. So many of our youth and young generation is awake right now and rejecting this filthy society. Great time to be a National Socialist.