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[QUOTE=Ray Allan;2220937]Came across this video during my browsing: The Kjortel, which translates from Swedish as "skirted tunic." Usually made from wool, sort of like an old mountain man's capote. Might be useful sometime

G. Fred Asbell, who is female and not a fred, has some affordable styles to choose from. Many of her models are for archery and therefore have tight fitting sleeves where as the anorak is designed with oversize fit for layering and breathing.
The guy in the vid has some important notes about harnessing groin area heat.
Also just to compare, Anoraks that have pockets, usually oversized for gloves, the pocket material adds extra layer of wool in that region. This is important when there is a chest pocket often seen with this type of outdoor clothing, that extra layer of wool on the chest offers extra insulation to the heart where the rotation of blood starts and ends.