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It is very true. White privilege is, as it always was, a myth.

What? Does anyone believe that the Gods our ancestors believed in at our greatest moments of superiority and expansion in the history of the west, were written on the mountains and carved into the trees by nature?

The only good reason being that such stories produced emotion that nothing in nature not-created-by-man could, just as we create music to hear something superior to anything we can hear in nature to get an emotional response to move us from the loser status of a swamp to the most glorious figure of man.

Hard to see for the masses today. Emotionless robots processing all of the logical data they see. They, and even many so-called racist whites, try to 'logic-out' a good reason for their superiority that the supposedly 'equally-human' opponents could agree to.

Now that is the myth of myths that nobody will believe! Our ancestors toyed with no tomfoolery! They just fucking destroyed the people not like them who would not be subjugated (or imprisoned them for slave labor), took their shit, and watched their people become great. An opponent is an opponent, and if the opponent will not be subjugated to be your slaves, they die. That is the law of history (which the present white retard slaves think their era has 'solved', against all laws of nature, they can't even think how better their lives could be). The Greeks, the Romans, they didn't give two shits what their opponent thought since their opponent would either be enslaved or dead.

Kinda like the Jews do today, no? Well, what happens if you don't pay the IRS? What happens if you are not a nation who subjects itself to the stock markets, international finance, the IMF?

It's all a myth; and a testament to the retardation and degradation of our genes and health that our people cannot see that the preaching of white inferiority in our occupied-by-aliens so-called learning institutions, is also a myth.

Our ancestors subjected themselves to such 'art' because it bettered them, made them stronger, made their lives and the lives of their sons and daughters more prosperous.

And now? They want to call this art they eat by the spoonful in academia and in the media, 'progress'? Helpful? To whom?! Go out to the lake and look at your Jews cruising around on their boats, your nigger football players with their mudsharks, your mexicans taking your jobs for peanuts, and your own sons and daughters struggling as 'equals' AT BEST, or SLAVES at worst! Disavowing the thought of having kids or a family, because they can't even afford a good home and stable comfortable life unless they become a cold Jew themselves!

One myth made our kind grow, the other is making sure our kind stay shackled, and die out.

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