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Default (#1 White Privilege Thread): Marxist Anti-White Concept of 'White Privilege' is Big Business

[read the article, but dont miss the comments below. see how many people simply refuse to believe this article is true - they think it's an april fool's joke because it was published on 4-1.]

AndrewX cloud_buster • 15 hours ago
You know what is deeply disconcerting is that as a white person, I NEVER had the slightest reason, EVER to think in terms of my own "racial pride" or whatever, and never thought much of those who did. ( I still have mega-issues with the whole rap in general.)

So I NEVER even considered any of this..... until the last few years. Until the preponderance and power of people like this loathsome Radersma harridan, not to mention Eric Holder et al... forced me to start considering my own race and where it fits in, etc etc.

And frankly, that very reality makes me sick.
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Some Guy disqus_qIrSXYODkm • 14 hours ago
On the first day of my required Social Justice class I had to take to get my masters in ED. that's exactly what the white teacher told me.

All white people are racist, minorities can't be racist, and the purpose of the Social Justice class is to fight white privilege.

Then it dawned on me that the idea of Social Justice perpetuated by these people isn't about the concept of justice equaling fairness, but justice as in punishment for committing a crime.

White people must be punished for being white.
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IA_Adam • 2 days ago
White hating is racism. And more and more whites are beginning to figure that out. I, for one, do not want racist, white hating pigs running my life. Go to hell.
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disqus_qIrSXYODkm another_engineer • a day ago
My white nephew was beat up by a couple of black kids at his middle school here in Madison, and my nephew was suspended because he argued with the black kids before they beat him up.
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Matt Logan another_engineer • 2 days ago
Actually, you should read the letter Jennifer Cheatham sent to parents about the reasons:


I’m excited to tell you that tonight, the Board of Education adopted our district’s new Behavior Education Plan. This new plan will move our district away from a model that only punishes to one that provides students with an opportunity to learn positive behavior.

We know, from our own experiences as well as national research, that zero-tolerance policies that result in frequent removal from school are ineffective and in fact have a negative impact on student outcomes – lower academic achievement, dropout rates and increased likelihood that a student will enter the criminal
justice system.

We have all heard real stories of students whose education or lives were altered by this type of approach. And for every story that we’ve heard, there are countless more students in our community who have had these experiences. We also know from our data that these policies disproportionately affect certain groups of students, especially our African American students and students with disabilities.

It is that reality that has pushed us to make this systemic change – one that will reduce the amount of time students are removed from the classroom and reduces the disproportionate impact these practices have on our students.

Developed with the input of community members, teachers, principals and students, the Behavior Education Plan marks the start of making that shift as an entire district. If we are going to close opportunity gaps and make our vision as a district a reality, we need to ensure that all students are in school learning and all schools are provided the systems and supports to serve students better
than ever before. We believe the Behavior Education Plan provides a powerful opportunity to do that and we are excited to get to work.

In the coming months, you can expect more information about the plan so that you are well-informed for the start of next school year. In the meantime, you can read the plan on our website at


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JohnSkookum Matt Logan • a day ago
Yep, I thought as much. Daily beatings for white and Asian nerds at the hands of their "oppressed" classmates who would have otherwise been suspended or expelled.

And the white and Asian punching bags will be suspended right along with their attackers, to make the racialist bean counters happy.

This is the future of America unless we wake up and take it back. First of all, we need to abolish public-employee unions and tenure, so this kind of filth never works for the taxpayers again as long as she lives.
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