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This "white priviledge" shit has nothing to do with marxism. It's a merely Frankfurt School critical theory which is based in Antonio Gramsci's work. The old left was exclusively about the proletariat rights, maybe equal rights to women also.

I bet Durruti, Lenin or Engels would shot most self proclaimed marxists supporting the degeneration of the post-modern world.

Marx was ok, nothing great, not deserve so much attention as many people give him. "but Stalin killed many people in Holodomor". Stalin was a revisionist (oftenly patriot and anti-capitalistic degeneration).

When we say that both left (communism) and right (capitalism) is controlled by you-know-who we're not telling lies, since the modern left-wing consist only in giving focus in the social. The origin of the left-wing was to oppose the extra-european element of the industrial revolution, the greedy capitalist enslaving the native european and bringing non-whites into the Europe, even if they were showed up as an animal, that is the start point of the modern mass immigration.

Nowadays, the left was hijacked by the petty bourgeois with their idea which fit perfectly into the globalist banks and corportation will. The working class of western countries doesn't want more immigration, the immigrants doesn't want to be exploited by corporations that will pay almost nothing just because they are ilegal.
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