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Stormfront Riggs
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Excellent Show Geoff. Don't be hesitant in your criticism of a Jewish originated religion, that for the most part, has been a destructive force to the existence of our people as a separate, unique race and culture. These discussions are important but they should be kept within WN circles and not used for recruiting unless we're targeting Atheists and Pagans. I really love Peter Shank but my God, please stop telling me how Christianity (a middle eastern religion) united the White race, how it's the basis of Western Civilization and that it's an effective tool to use against the Jew - because Jesus, even though he was a Jew, was somehow an anti-Semite because he spoke out against a few Jews (Pharisies) in leadership positions. We need to get the **** away from this suicidal religion, if White people want to worship a Jewish God, they should have the absolute freedom to do so, but as modern Christianity stands today I want no part of it!

Lets look at what Christianity supports today:

- Love your enemy
- Turn the Cheek
- Worship the jew as the chosen one
- Convert the non White
- Give charity to the non White (if Christian)
- Marry the non White (if Christian)
- Miseginate with the non White (if Christian)
- Support and defend immigration from the third world (if Christian).......