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Originally Posted by Stormfront Riggs
because Jesus, even though he was a Jew, was somehow an anti-Semite because he spoke out against a few Jews (Pharisies) in leadership positions. We need to get the **** away from this suicidal religion, if White people want to worship a Jewish God, they should have the absolute freedom to do so, but as modern Christianity stands today I want no part of it!

Jesus was no more Jewish than my cat and i'm sick of goddam Judeo_Christian lies sowing dischord and promulgating bullshit hiding behind Celtic, Nordic, Nazi psudonyms. Ikke vet jeg hvorfor dem skulle være anonym da. Er du Judisk kansje??. Det tro jeg.

If by any vague chance you would stand to benefit from a process of education in this matter I recommend the works of Dr Bertrand Comparet
or Dr Wesley Swift which will leave you under no illusion regarding the Judeo_Christian oxymoron you so tacitly chose to adhere to and employ as a means of attempting to making anyone who does not ascribe to your insane view look stupid. In typical jewish fashion I may add. Jesus was not a Jew, he did not in any way shape or form represent Judaism, Phariseism or any Talmudic rite or fervour. Au Contraire.. The Jews worship NO GOD.
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