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Version One - VNN:
Hello my name is Ian and I am physically disabled, I was born with Cerebral Palsy and I am also a type 1 diabetic. I need to raise funds for a better criminal defence lawyer because I had to defend myself and my senior citizen mother, from a convicted "skinhead/neo-nazi" drug addict neighbor that tried to assault myself and my senior citizen mother. The funds that are raised will go to directly to a criminal defence lawyer. I thank you for any money that you can give. God Bless you all.
Version Two - Stormfront:
I'm the fellow member that Elizabeth is talking about, I'm also physically disabled with Cerebral Palsy and other health problems I was born with. Last September 3rd a violent white Satanist neighbor of mine threatened to to kill and harm myself and my mother, who is also disabled. I had to draw my sidearm on him as charged towards me, he tried to attack me earlier that day and tried to assault me in June of last year because I would not illegally sell him a firearm.