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Default Revilo P. Oliver - The "Holohoax"


by Professor Revilo P. Oliver

November 1984

In "The Enemy of Our Enemies" (pp. 114f., n63) I mentioned an amusing early version of the Jews' Holohoax, concocted before they decided which version of their Big Lie they would vociferously promote to bamboozle the Aryan boobs, whom they both hate and despise. It was Dr. Stefan Szende's "Der letzte Jude aus Polen", published at Zurich in 1944. I did not then know that the Yiddish excretion had been translated into English under a changed title, and I owe to a friend photocopies made from the copy in the Library of Congress.

Reproduced on the following pages are the title-page of the book and the pages that describe the marvelous machinery that the wicked Germans used to slay millions of God's Masterpieces. If you know anything about mechanical engineering and electricity, you will enjoy the funny story, so read it for yourself.

I really do not know why the Jews decided to discard that tale and substitute the wild fiction about the famous "gas chambers" when they had their American serfs perpetrate the foul murders at Nuremberg to teach the world what happens to the lower animals that disobey the masters Yahweh set over them. It can't be that they thought to make the preposterous story more plausible by replacing electrical impossibilities with chemical impossibilities. Their contempt for the Aryan curs is so great that they never take the trouble to make their hoaxes even superficially plausible.

It is simply a racial characteristic of the Jewish mind that it will not take the small amount of care that would be required to make the stories they throw at the goyim at least as believable as fiction published in our magazines of adventure stories.

Take, for example, the slop called "Anne Frank's Diary," which is said to make some feeble-minded Aryans snivel at its pathos. It is simply full of the most glaring inconsistencies. In that tale we are told that a band of poor, persecuted Jews had to hide from the terrible Gestapo in a whole series of rooms that formed a secret [!] part of the house, to which the entrance was through a secret door concealed behind a hinged bookcase. And we are expected to believe that those diabolical Germans couldn't guess how many rooms there were in a house of quite moderate size, and did not become curious when the postman on his rounds brought mail for those Jews in hiding, including lessons from a university in which some of them had enrolled for correspondence courses! On one page, we are told that in their pitiable plight the poor Jews are so terrified that they almost smother a sick Jewess, lest her coughs be overheard by the ubiquitous Gestapo, and a few pages later we are told that when those Jews are having a high old time, they not only scream and shout at one another, but even fire off a revolver! And the dread Gestapo, ever prowling about the fold in which God's precious lambs are hiding, can't hear the uproar or even the shots from the revolver!

When we read "Anne Frank's Diary" we lose sight of the lie in sheer disgust at the insulting negligence of the Jew who threw such garbage in the face of Aryans. I have mentioned but two of the preposterous internal contradictions; for more, read the stuff (if you can stand it) or see Ditlieb Felderer's Anne Frank's Diary – a Hoax (Torrance, California, 1979).

We are dealing with what is simply a characteristic of the Jewish mentality. Consider, as another example, the silly story, which the murderous "judges" at Nuremberg professed to believe, about how the horrid Germans packed crowds of God's precious darlings into rooms and then exterminated them with the exhaust of the diesel motors of trucks drawn up for that purpose. Now if you or I or any Aryan had been trying to put over a lie like that, and even if we knew somehow that only very stupid people would read it, we would, at the very least, have first ascertained whether it is feasible to asphyxiate anyone with he fumes of diesel motors, which, of course, differ greatly from the gasoline motors of ordinary automobiles, which do produce carbon monoxide in lethal quantities. And I think we would also have gone to a library and read a few issues of German newspapers published during the period in question, just to be sure of the general background of our tale. What is really funny – almost hilarious – about the shoddy Jewish hoax is that if its perpetrators had not begrudged the few hours that we would spend in elementary preparation for such a story, they would have found a way to concoct a lie that was plausible on the face of it. See Friedrich P. Berg's clear demonstration of the opportunity the Jews missed; his excellent article, "The Diesel Gas Chambers: Myth Within a Myth," is in the Spring 1984 issue of the "Journal of Historical Review."

I suppose we cannot really understand the mental processes of that strange, predatory race, so the crudity of their hoaxes is puzzling. Is it from sheer feckless insolence that they tell such preposterous tales, or do they intentionally make them unbelievable to enforce a lesson that brains of Aryan curs must freeze when their masters speak, and that if a Jew tells an Aryan that two and two makes seven, the animal must at least pretend to believe it? Or do they assume that they have so rotted the Aryan mind with poisonous superstitions that Aryans will actually believe whatever they are told by Yahweh's supermen? Or is it that the Jewish mind cannot reason when it is convulsed by a paroxysm of hatred of our race?

The last question is worthy of consideration. The Jews' Talmud was written for Jews and only for Jews, and incidentally contains a provision that nasty Aryans who learn to read it should be killed. Now the Talmud contains (Midrash Rabbah) an ostensibly historical account of the atrocities perpetrated by the diabolical Romans at the time of the Jewish revolt that was led by a christ named Bar Kokhba in 132 of the Christian Era. The Jews who read that Midrash were told, on the authority of named Rabbis, that in the town of Bethar, which had a total area about equivalent to five of our city blocks, the awful Romans slew no less than 800,000,000 (eight hundred million) of God's Chosen; that the precious blood thus shed was so deep in the street that the Romans' horses were immersed to their nostrils; and that the sacred gore became a raging torrent that rushed down forty miles to the Mediterranean, dislodging boulders from its path and staining the waters of the sea crimson for four miles from shore.

Now to our minds – if we are so "anti-Semitic" as to question the word of great Rabbis – it seems strange that the five square blocks of Bethar housed (in comfort and luxury, we are told) eight times as many Jews as the total population of the entire Roman Empire at that time, and a quick calculation will show that those 800,000,000 godly Jews cannot have been larger than our grasshoppers.(*) But, so far as we can tell, the pious Jews who read their holy book never made that calculation, although they would not have missed the least fraction in computing usury. They evidently believed that story and we can only suppose that their minds went into a spasm of hatred for the accursed goyim and never questioned the arithmetic. (* The calculation is confirmed by other details in the story; for example, the 64,000,000 schoolchildren of Bethar attended numerous schools attached to the 400 synagogues. Given the area of the town, a synagogue cannot have been larger than one of the dolls' houses that are commonly given to little girls today, and since 160,000 children were attached to that synagogue, and the ratio of children to adults in the town's population was 1:11.5, there must have been 1,840,000 adults to attend that synagogue. So many grasshoppers could not fit into such a space, so perhaps the Jews in Bethar were not larger than lice or, at the most, bedbugs.)

The tale of Bethar is, of course, just one of the "Holocausts" that the Jews invent from time to time to show how God's Own are persecuted by the lower races, but what makes it significant is that it was invented, not to make stupid Aryans snivel and feel guilty, but to excite other Jews, the educated Jews, who alone could read the Talmud. It suggests that when Jews are in a paroxysm of their hatred of other races, and especially our race, they enter a mental state that we should identify as insanity in one of our own people.

That deduction may seem startling to some readers, but how otherwise can they explain a recent manifestation of the Jewish mentality, set forth in the "German Bildzeitung" for 17 May 1984? In an article in that publication, widely circulated in Germany, the Jews, foaming at the mouth in rage that Walter Rauff, a "Nazi" guilty of not having venerated the perfect race that Yahweh specially created to rule all others, had not been tortured and murdered by their American dogs at Nuremberg, and had escaped to live out his life and die a natural death in Chile, screeched that Rauff alone was responsible for the death of 250,000,000 of God's Darlings. Now the figure given, 250,000,000, is considerably more than the total population, men, women, and children, and including Jews and other aliens, that resided in 1939 in all of Western Europe, Germany (including Austria), England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, and even Czecho-Slovakia. And if Rauff was himself responsible for shedding the holy ichor in the vein of two hundred and fifty million of God's Own, then, since there are still many other "Nazis" to be hunted down by the Jews and their packs of Aryan hounds, and hundreds, at least, have already been murdered for similar crimes, even a computer would squeal, if it were asked to compute the total number of Yahweh's precious children whom all the Germans exterminated – and then to compute the number of planets the size of the earth that would have been needed to hold all of them, assuming they were larger than the Jews of Bethar.

I submit that no mind that we would regard as sane could have set the number of Rauff's victims at 250,000,000, even if it was in a passion of rage and hatred. If you do not believe that the Jewish mentality operates in ways beyond our comprehension, you must opt for the only alternative, that Jewish contempt for Aryans is indeed infinite.

It distresses me to add that for such contempt the Jews have ample justification. The cringing Aryan dogs who rule Germany today are trying to bite all Germans who are intelligent enough to question the Jews' Big Lie, their Holohoax, and dare to say so. For the rulers of Germany, contemptible as they are, one can imagine some apology, but what conceivable excuse can be made for the Canadians?

The terrorism of the canadian Government's vile prosecution of James Keegstra in Alberta was described by John Tyndall in an article reprinted in Liberty Bell, July 1984. In Toronto, Ernst Zündel has been protected from disabling injuries by the police who escort him through mobs of Jews howling for his blood as he is taken to court, where he must stand trial for the heinous crime of doubting what Jews want their dogs to believe. And I learn from David McCalden's Newsletter, that on 6 September the Royal Canadian Mounted Police raided the library of the University of Calgary and confiscated a copy of Dr. Arthur Butz's irrefragable "Hoax of the Twentieth Century." The Aryan serfs of the Canadian Government must be taught that facts are what Jews say they are, and that if a Jew tells an Aryan to wag his tail, the Aryan had better grow a tail in a hurry or suffer the consequences.

Such are the actions of the creatures who now govern Canada, a land which, my older readers may remember, once had a population of which the great majority was Anglo-Saxon. As the gentleman who writes under the name of General R. Never reiterates, "A people deserve what they permit." It follows inescapably that the Anglo-Saxons of Canada are responsible for the degradation and squalor in which they now exist. And it is no excuse for them that they tax themselves about $900,000,000 a year to subsidize the Canadian Broadcasting System, which means that every man, woman, and child pays almost $40 a year to have Jewish slime smeared in their faces.

I do hope that the pages from Szende's book reproduced above are widely circulated in Canada. They contain a version of the "Holocaust" hoax that the Jews are not currently pushing, but they are nevertheless a tale told by a Jew, which must therefore be believed by Canadians. It will be amusing to watch the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as they raid all the libraries in Canada and burn all the textbooks of electrical engineering. In fact, I am not sure that if Canada is to be purged of the abomination of "anti-Semitism," it will not be necessary to destroy all generating plants and electrical appliances in Canada. So long as white Canadians are permitted to use electricity, some criminally-minded Canadian might experiment with it and come to doubt the story that he is racially obliged to believe.