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"On Sunday, several media wrote about how "Nazis" in Malmö on Saturday night attacked the people who participated in a feminist demonstration. The data which has mainly taken from violence left themselves do not correspond with the actual course of events, but instead has it all been highlighted in an attempt to change the image of the left-sided violence.

Since last fall has left violence in the Malmö region intensified. Nationalists have been attacked and beaten at his home, threatened and harassed. As recently as earlier this week was a young nationalist subjected to threats. Even the police have not arrested anyone for the repeated incidents. Saturday evening's events are part of the intensified violence left.

On Saturday had a party of six people converged at a restaurant in central Malmö to eat and watch a sporting event. Some of the party members of the Swedes party. When the party would go home, they were attacked with bottles and stones by a group of about 25 left-wing extremists who recognized the Nationalists. Society first tried to move away from the place but one of the group fell behind and beaten by left wing extremists with bottles and other weapons.

When the rest of the party discovered that their comrade was in danger so they turned back to protect him and they eventually managed to dislodge him from the mob left. After that we departed company from the numerically superior group of left-wing extremists. Shortly thereafter saw a police patrol party. They went to the police and asked for help with the care of the fellow who got into trouble.

The violent left-wing extremists will by his own admission of having participated in a feminist demonstration earlier in the evening. A left-wing extremist website reports that the man seen nationalists spread the material on which they "responded" to this. According to media reports, the extreme left protesters also been involved in other violent incidents during the evening. Among other things, they have attacked a store during the demonstration.

It is a fundamental right to defend themselves and their peers during the attack. Swedes party condemns politically motivated violence and takes a serious view that society does not have the will or the capacity to stop the Left violence. We see it as a duty that Swedes to intervene for the protection of national comrades who are victims of violence." (google translate)
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