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Notice the new tactic for the 'democratic' dictatorships. I have a feeling that Swedish nationalists are going to make an electoral breakthrough similar to Golden Dawn this year in the May elections.

One thing for sure, the Leftists have been slowly (judging from footage I've seen of both Party of Swedes and Swedish Resistance Movement) losing the street in some areas of Sweden and Europe in general.

This is similar to how Golden Dawn started in St Agios Panteleimon. They beat the leftists and violent immigrants out of the town square and liberated it to the joy of the people. When the state swooped in and arrested the leadership and made illegal the self-defense of Golden Dawn members in September, there was a ridiculous spectacle of antifa's marching into the square like some kind of victors and the Greek government threw some multicultural party in the town square to add to this short-lived charade.

Essentially, what these "democratic" states do, is use the power of the state and a Jew-dicial system to undermine nationalists and tie their hands behind their back, then get their Leftist pawns to march in and start beating and killing nationalists to avoid the popular blowback of the state doing this. Then when the nationalists fight back, the state uses this as more propaganda and more excuses to violate supposed constitutional rights.
"The favorite slogan of the reds is: 'No Pasarán!: Yes we have passed! And we tell them...and we tell them, we will pass again!'"
― Benito Mussolini after the Communist capitulation in Barcelona