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The Party of the Swedes revisited JŲnkŲping for this year's 1 of May-manifestation, after last year's successful march.

400 or so policemen are rumored to having been on the ground, in another excessively costly and laborious operation, to deal with the usual throngs of leftist lowlifes attempting to disrupt and sabotage the peaceful demonstration.

The polices' job isn't enviable, and most must be said to often do a pretty decent job on an individual level given the circumstances, but the real problem lies with the corrupt, politicized police-leadership and their yielding, lenient, half-assed, hypocritical approach in dealing with these leftist disturbances.

Because - and this is a very important point to stress: we're not the ones requesting their "protection". We're and always have been fully capable and willing to provide for our own safety and defense if it comes to that. But given that the police at least nominally wants to uphold the veneer that we live in a "democracy" where every political party have a right to their constitutionally guaranteed say without being subjected to violence, we have been willing to cordially cooperate with them when organizing these events; in setting up time-tables, planning the walking routes, upholding real-time communication-lines for dialogue etc.

But the future of this order presupposes that the police are actually willing and capable of doing their job and fulfilling their commitments. The days of arbitrarily applied justice when they have been able to arrogantly treat us as a barely tolerable marginalized nuisance are over. For their own sake, and for the still sound actors within the system who are earnest and mean well, now is the time for some serious introspection and self-scrutiny, to realize and internalize the seriousness of the situation, to realize just how volatile and transient the order and societal stability that they have been taken for granted are, because they're sitting on a real powder keg in the quickly browning and polarizing Swedish society.

Last year we witnessed what draconic means they have at their disposal when there is a will, and how blatant the double-standard is, when the roles for the first time in eons were reversed, and nationalists from the Swedish Resistance Movement showed up and interrupted a leftist gathering, with mass-arrests and multiple convictions of nationalists as a result.

Anyway, it was a good march all in all, that drew massive media attention, with speeches from amongst others party leader Stefan Jacobsson concluding the day. Here's some footage (~@02:00 a leftist learns the hard way that it is not such a good idea to try to steal a flag from the marchers):


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