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Originally Posted by )))Marc((( View Post
Sadly , the Charlottesville 6 pays the price for my education. Yours as well.

A sad waste of time and talent. Our efforts will be needed very soon at the mexcrement border. Domestic street activism is tripping over a dollar to save a dime. Too costly and little return ; actually tragic losses.

Don't "shoot your wad" ; when critical mass occurs ; our best and brightest will be needed to repel the brown invasion.
And you may waste your time at the mexcrement border for the very same reasons.

Since his ability to appeal is still there, and Fields hasn't even gone to trial yet, I think shining a light on the cockroaches' dirty deeds is very timely.

And it's not time to throw them away as a 'price paid' already. Fields hasn't even been convicted.

Many cases like Goodwin's have been overturned in this country. But it takes effort and desire to do it.

Do you think the injustice system is going to be nice to you in the effort toward the border wall? Congress is blocking the funding as we speak.

Do you think they will not go full 'Waco' on Whites potentially some day?

This isn't about whether you support street demonstrating or not.

It's about law enforcement and the courts being held accountable for their actions, and those laws are in place to attempt to do so.

Even if you lose, at least you used every tool you had. AND you show others what is going on in the process.

Absolutely NOTHING to lose in trying to win on appeal for Goodwin.

Are you aware that any statements or behavior that shows bias on the part of a Judge can cause them to be forced to dismiss themselves from a case?

And if that applies here, how much it changes James' situation?

But hey....lets let the Innocence Project get niggers out all day long, and let's ignore innocent Whites who are wrongfully convicted.

As I said, they wrongfully convict Whites here with no resistance and it shows them they can later on in your proposed border fight.

We either stand up to them with all our tools or we do not. I say we DO.
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