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Originally Posted by Antiochus Epiphanes
Thanks Rounder for your ongoing management of tabloid fundraising production and distribution. I hope nobody ever gets detained for lawful distribution of this newspaper, but if they do maybe this card will be a caution to any overzealous law enforcement official who might otherwise mistakenly infringe on a distributor's rights. It's not a get out of jail card, to be sure, but I believe it fairly states the law pertinent to this method of distribution.

As you have demonstrated by your own defiant distributions of TAA in the face of the threats of Cpl. Crapduck or whatever his name was!
Yeah, after reading the card again, I must say it's well written and effective. I've been inserting 2 cards in each box of TAAs mailed to distributors. And mailed cards to you, Stan, and Alex for inspection. You might want to post a copy here for everyone's information. (And thanks for your latest pledge of $100 to TAA Fund - bringing your total to $901.00 which places you 4th on our list of most generous contributors, just behind George T, Babycakes, and D.K. (Minnesota), in that order))
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