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Miguel Dias
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Miguel Dias

whites in Mexico, exist.
they arent a big part of the population.
if we count only European whites, it might be a bit smaller.
how many exist is debatable.
there are Castizos(75 percent white and maybe 25 amerindian)
so there is something to work here.
However behaving white on our part is important. we can recover our White mexican brothers of European descent. and the remainder of mexicans can be analyzed later.
we only have to worry about implementing Real Nationalism.
After we implement White Nationalism in our nations and we deal with non-whites. we can take care of many issues. our moatly white mixed populations(recent or not) can be if they want rehabilitated to Whitedom.
if they dont want then we deport them. those who do want can be given the treatment. with this our numbers will increase. then we allow only immigration from white countries of white people. with healthy reproduction practises we can minimalize migration. and do trade mainly with white people.