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China-Pandering LeBron James Becomes NBA’s First $1 Billion Player


Lakers star LeBron James appears to be cashing in as the NBA’s first active billion-dollar player as his deals in China, Hollywood, as well as his lucrative investments and sponsorships in Nike and other brands grow.

Since he was first drafted into the NBA in 2003, James has already raked in more than $330 million just in playing salary. But he has also reaped more than $700 million in off-court deals, according to Yahoo Entertainment. And with his deals, companies, and investments, that $700 million number can only grow.
His most lucrative deal is with sportswear giant Nike, a deal worth over a billion in and of itself. James signed a seven-year, $90 million deal with Nike in 2003, and by 2016 he signed on with a “lifetime” contract worth north of $30 million a year. This puts him at the billion-dollar mark all by itself over time.

Nike, of course, is heavily invested in the Chinese market and is said to have raked in upwards of $6 billion in China in just the last year. And as it happens, James is one of Nike’s biggest-selling names in the Chinese market.

That is obviously why James refuses to criticize China over its secret police effort to stifle the democratic movement in Hong Kong or its genocidal and systematic imprisonment, exploitation, and elimination of its Muslim minority Uyghur population.

What a piece of shit. But I guess VNN's pro-Chinese propagandists are happy about this since they love China's anti-white, mass-murdering communist government. To these people, the trashy, ghetto-named negro player is doing the right thing.