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Just because young women are of child bearing age doesn't necessarily mean that they can bear children. Many women, especially those drawn to the jewish owned modeling and acting agencies (either in real life or imagined), are forced into the dangerous practices of anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Here is one such White model's account here.

Think about that for a moment. How many of the model and actress types have bore children? The sad truth is very few.

Google search: infertility + bulimia
Google search: infertility + anorexia

Anorexia and bulimia are usually the "beautifier" of choice, and is marketed to young White women by Jews even more than inter-racial relationships. Bear in mind that anorexia and bulimia do identical reproductive damage.

Can anorexia make you infertile?

Yes, in order for a woman to menstruate, become pregnant, and give birth to a healthy baby she needs body fat. Many anorexic girls and women either never get their period or their period stops due to extreme weight loss. The cessation of menstruation, (amenorrhea), can be permanent depending on how long a woman has been suffering from anorexia. But for most women menstruation will start up when they begin to gain weight. Roughly 80% of anorexic women who successfully treat their eating disorder will regain their ability to conceive.

When a woman's percentage of body fat falls below a certain minimum her body doesn't produce the levels of hormones necessary to stimulate ovulation. Rapid weight loss and undernourishment leads a woman's body into a state of emergency and she will not menstruate if she is just barely surviving. For those women who are able to conceive while suffering from anorexia they seriously jeopardize their own health and the health of their fetus. Pregnancy presents enormous strain on a woman's body. As the fetus develops it will take nourishment from the mother. If she suffers from an eating disorder this can seriously deplete her own scant reserves and she may begin to experience the exhaustion and depression that accompany malnourishment. If she brings the pregnancy to full-term she also may lack the energy required to meet the demands of a newborn while remaining healthy herself. Women with eating disorders also have higher rates of miscarriage and an increased risk of giving birth to a low weight baby. Any woman who is struggling with an eating disorder should delay pregnancy until she herself is healthy.
We can see in this thread how women were viewed in ancient times before this tragic trend took hold. Also, we can view early 1900s photographs to gain a clear perspective on this subject in our modern world. Check out these two items for a more accurate example of White female genetics in their natural state.

I discuss this threat to our young White women and to our race more in my New Year's Celtic Rage show.
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